Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun with Naza Citra

After numerous blogs on technical maintenance, I think a less serious blog would be appropriate, considering that life is not all work. What is the use of maintaining a car in tip-top shape if it is not meant for travelling ? How about travelling to distance land ...... and into the Jurassic era in Kalasin, Thailand.

On the way to the Korat plateou, where the ancient land lies, we have to cross a mountain range. The Citra took all that in a good stride, considering a fully loaded car with 3 adults, 3 children, luggage and gifts. Not to worry as there are always scenic roadside stops to entertain with good food. With 4000+ km, the Citra managed 13km/litre on the average. Consumption is closely monitored as petrol is RM3.10 per litre in Thailand during this period.

Our first stop - Phu Kum Khao excavation site, where an almost complete dinasour fossil was found. The stone tablet leads to the entrance of the complex that houses the excavation site.

Inside the complex, the remains of the sauropod lies asleep. Reminds me of "Aliens"

Immediately outside the excavation site, a life replica of the fossil, which is a Sauropod.

Next, we entered the excellent HRH Sirindhorn Museum, with plenty of resources on pre-historic studies.

As a side trip, we also visited an old temple in the area.

And met the spiritual owner of the place.

Happy travelling on your Citra. Drive safe and be courteous to others on the road.

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